Industrial Moving

1. Moving Services Offered:
  • Home visit for relocation planning.
  • Packing, loading, and delivery services.
  • Provision of various-sized boxes and packaging materials such as bubble wrapping.
  • Temporary storage facilities.
  • Handling packing and loading, especially for fragile and glass items.
  • Moving valuable items, such as pianos and art pieces.
  • Moving catering items.
  • Provision of manpower.
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly.

2. Why Choose Us:
  • Our company has relocation experts who can provide the best service tailored to your needs and situation.
  • Whether you are planning to move to an office, change buildings, or travel long distances abroad from Malaysia to Singapore or vice versa, you can find and trust us as your professional movers.
  • Just inform us of your relocation needs and destination, make a reservation, and we will ensure that you are stress-free and at ease while we handle your relocation as our valued customer.
  • Truck rental prices depend on:
    • Whether the location has an elevator or not.
    • Quantity of items.
    • Weight of the items.
    • Distance of the move.

3. Our packing services include:
  • Same-day moving and packing.
  • Alternatively, packing can be done a day before the moving date or up to a week before the moving date, especially encouraged for long-distance moves.
  • We can also accommodate special requests for self-packing personal items for transportation by car and leave complicated items for us to pack.
  • Our company also provides furniture disassembly and reassembly services after ensuring that the items are safely moved to the desired home or location.
  • We will place items as per customer preferences with great care, ensuring they are placed in the correct location.
  • With our reassembly service, the customer's home will be neater, and they will find it easier to arrange smaller belongings, completing the setup on the same day of relocation.

4. Importance of packing:
  • Quality packing requires time and effort, and low-quality packing may lead to loss or damage during relocation.
  • The use of proper packing materials is crucial to ensure the protection and guarantee of each of your items.

5. Old furniture disposal service:
  • Our company also offers the disposal service for furniture that is no longer needed. Customers can contact us for the disposal service provided by our professional team.

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